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  • Mobile-Compatible Layout
  • Multi-Language Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Dynamic Features
  • Enquiry/Booking Forms
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Secured Hosting
  • Corporate Email Accounts
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Orders Control System
  • Products Administration
  • Customers Management System
  • Promotions Marketing System
  • Secured Payment through
  • Debit Card, Credit Card & Paypal

How An E-Commerce Website Can Increase Your Sale

People these days prefer looking at products online and shopping online. The fast paced nature of life leaves little time to go browse shops. By putting your products on an e-commerce website you are providing your customers with a portal to buy your products from wherever they may be. This is no online beneficial for them, but also for you. Customers that have never shopped at your store will be able to browse through your online store. You can market your online store easily on different platforms and gain loyal customers without them ever having set foot in your store. Through the might of e-commerce you will be able to boost your business’s sale and promote your business.

Customers can easily pay via Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal

Customers can browse online, purchase online and even pay online if you have an ecommerce website. The entire process can be conducted over the internet without any need for offices or stores. We can setup a secure payment gateway for your e-commerce website that will handle all payments that go through the payment portal in a safe manner. The gateway makes it easy for customers to pay because it provides support for credit cards, debit cards and PayPal accounts so your customer has various options to choose from. With our help you can prioritize ease of use for you customers and create a truly magnificent website.

Mobile-Friendly Layout for enhanced display of Products on smart devices

Our mobile phones are most likely our most used devices so it only makes sense that your e-commerce website must be responsive in its layout and adapt to different mobile devices. If your customers have to browse your desktop website on their mobile it may make it inconvenient. We make sure that not only does your website look fantastic, but is able mobile friendly for all smart devices so your customers can easily browse through your products on a layout that adapts to their device. Having an attractive layout that fits well on the screen can be the difference between your customers buying or not buying from you, because looks do matter.

User-friendly Products, Orders and Customer Management System

Through a user friendly stock and inventory management system attached to your e-commerce website you will easily be able to add and remove products to your website and take inventory to know when and what you need to reorder. The system is designed so that it can provide you with the easiest possible method to manage your website. The order processing system will automatically update stock and alert you at set stock levels. The customer management system will provide you with details on all your customers so you can share promotion with them. It can even help you identify your best customers so you can present them with special deals if you want.